Shipping and Charges

Payment Methods:

You can choose between:

- Paypal (includes several Services offered by Paypal, e.g Credit Card Payments transacted by Paypal)

-  Sofort├╝berweisung (Klarna) (a Service that gives us the Posibility to send out immediately - we don`t need to wait until your Money arrives at our Bank Account)

- Conventional Bank Wire Transfer (in this Case your Order does not get active before the Money has arrived at our Bank account)

Shipping Methods :

Shipping Cots for respective Items or a Summary of Items are shown after you have inderted the Adress of Destination.

We Ship via DHL, DPD or Truck Shipping, depending to Size & Weight  of the Shipment. The Choice which Transportation Service Provider is used can only be choosen by us (you can request in advance if you have Preferences).

EXPRESS-SHIPPING: For Express Shipping to Destinations inside Germany  with Delivery until 12:00 CET next Working Day you need to purchase the Item with the Item Number "DPDEXPRESS12" simultaneously (must be put into the basket). Please note that these EXPRESS-Orders must be placed and be paid until 14:00 CET otherwise the Shipment can`t leave early enough to arrive next day!. Further the Express-Option can only be choosen for Shipments up to a Maximum of 31,00 kg and not for larger Items that need DHL Sperrgut or Truck Shipping.

Pricing for Shipments total Weigths:

up to 5 kg, max Length 1,2m and max Girth Length 3 m = DHL 6,73 Euro (until 01.07.2020 with 19% VAT 6,90 Euro)

up to 10 kg, max Length 1,2m and max Girth Length 3 m = DHL 7,70 Euro (until 01.07.2020 with 19% VAT 7,90 Euro)

up to 20 kg, max Length 1,2m and max Girth Length 3 m = DHL or DPD 9,65 Euro (until 01.07.2020 with 19% VAT 9,90 Euro)

up to 31 kg, max Length 1,2m and max Girth Length 3 m = DHL or DPD 11,60 Euro (until 01.07.2020 with 19% VAT 11,90 Euro)

DHL-Bulky Goods Fee 23,20 Euro (until 01.07.2020 with 19% MwSt  23,80 Euro) (this comes on Top to the normal Shipping Cost) (to Destinations inside Germany).

Shipping Cost for Truck Shipping Depend to Country and ZIP Code and apply for Shipments heavier than 31,5 kg or Girth more than 3 m.

Sometimes it can happen that the Shop chooses for Truck Shipping although our Warehouse Employes later may use Tricks to reduce the Size calculated by the Shop to a smaller Size which enables the use of DHL or DPD instead of Truck Shipping. However there is no Software able to calculate a Mix of many different Parts and therefore you may pay the Truck Shipping first and get Money back later (if we are able to reduce Size or Weight!).

Example: Two complex bend Exhaust Pipes are calculated by the Shop by theirmaximum Sizes and then added together which leads to a much larger Size than if our Packers will interwine  them together.

Our Targed always is to Ship with the lowest Shipping Cost. However sometimes Parts need a minimum Packing to get to their Destination safely and without Damages. Therefore the final Decision which Type of Shipping needs to be used is solely our Task and Right.