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Product No.: BAT4229
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149,90 EUR
(incl. 19% tax )
excl. Shipping costs Dispatch to DE: (1 x 17.2 kg): 9,90 €
plus dangerous Goods Fee:  16,66 EUR
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Original AC-DELCO Car-Battery, known high Quality and Long-Life Cycle!
Voltage: 12V
Reserve-Capacity (RC): 110
Amp Hour Rating: 66 Ah(20)
Cranking Amps at 0°C (CA): 740 A
Cold Cranking Amperes at -18°C (CCA): 590 A
Brand & Part-Number: AC-DELCO 86-6YR (86PS) (interchangeable to 86-6MF)
Terminals: Top Post Terminals
Length 9,1" (232 mm) x Width 6,9" (174 mm) x Height 7,8" (198 cm)
Fits: Insert your Vehicles Datas and select respective Category.
NOTE: If you want to install this Battery to other Vehicles than the listed ones -please pay Attention to the Positions of the +/- Terminals (see Photos)!
Important Notice regarding German Battery-Refund (§ 6 Abs. 1 of Battery-Act):
We are committed by current German Law to charge you 7,50 Euro (including VAT) additional for each Battery as a Refund.
IMPORTANT: For each Battery you have to purchase once a Battery-Refund (Part Number "BATPFAND", 3 Batteries ordered - put 3 x BATPFAND into the Cart!). If you by accident miss to purchase this Refund once for each Battery then your Battery Order can`t be shipped!
After purchase you have three choices to get your Refund back:
1. You bring us your old Battery with a Copy of the at our Shop purchased Battery Invoice - Refund will be paid back immediately.
2. You give your old Battery cost free to your local and official registered Battery-Collecting Point and let our Invoice beeing stamped there, send it post-paid to us with your Bank Account Numbers and we will transfer the money by Wire Transfer immediately to you (in Case of Purchase via Paypal we transfer the 7,50 Euro back to your Paypal-Account!).
3. You send us your old Battery including a Copy of the Purchase Invoice of the new Battery (purchased at our Shop!) and your Bank Account Numbers (in Case of Purchase via Paypal we transfer the 7,50 Euro back to your Paypal-Account). Shipping for the Battery must be paid by you in advance. After receiving the Battery we immediatelly transfer the Money to your Account/Paypal.
Although you`ll receive the Purchase Invoice via Email (PDF-File) immediately after the Battery Purchase and Payment done you`ll additionally find two printed Invoices with the Battery Shipment - one for your Bookkeeping and one to send back to us after having it stamped at your local registered Battery-Collecting Point.
Car Batteries have to be disposed professionally! You as the Purchaser and we as the Seller have to pay attention for this. Therefore the retraction of your old Batterie is cost free (except shipping costs).
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Car Batteries belong to Dangerous Goods "Class 8". Due to higher Transportation Cost we need to charge you an extra Fee additional to the regular Merchandize Freight (paid by Weight), which will be shown to you before purchase process is finished. Please pay Attention that Dangerous Goods always need to be shipped separately from other (regular) Merchandize! Therefore please place your Battery/Batteries- Order first and afterwards build a new Order if you want to purchase further Parts. If you don`t pay Attention to this we can`t execute your Order. If you have any further Questions don`t hesitate to ask us! Please see our good Reputations or let us satisfy you with our well Service!
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